Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How to Pour Out a Bottle Quickly

Credit: Joseph Golden, NOAA
No body likes waiting for all the flat soda to pour out from a bottle into a sink so you can recycle it. I remember my second grade teacher challenging some smarty pants to a race to see who could pour out a bottle the fastest. The kid of course tipped it over and let it glug away while the teach poured it slowly and left a gap for the air to flow back in. Her method was far superior.

Avoiding turbulence is key to pouring out a bottle quickly and poor airflow causes turbulence. If we can find a better method of supplying air we can pour the spent soda out faster. Spencer's Gifts has solved this problem as well as the age old college problem of not getting drunk fast enough with a special beer bottle attachment which has a straw to relieve the back pressure; however, I found a better method with no additional equipment required: The Tornado Technique™. (Note: when pouring into your mouth, it's a lot less messy to use the attachment.)

The Tornado Technique™ is simple, just twirl the bottle as you pour it out so that the liquid inside starts spinning. As gravity pulls the liquid out it adds energy to the spin which transforms it into a self sustaining whirlpool. As the whirlpool is draining into the sink the replacement air will come up through the center. No more waiting! Alternately, if your goal is to pour the bottle out as slowly as possible in order to just watch the tornado, there's a bottle attachment for that too.