Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Getting over First Person Motion Sickness

For years I've suffered from motion sickness related to 3D motion in some video games (mostly first person games). I mostly worked around this by using smaller screens, keeping the lights on in the room, and trying to avoid tunnel vision (which is hard during intense scenes). I recently purchased Antichamber, a game designed for all my puzzling weaknesses, and unfortunately its non-Euclidian nature just wasn't agreeing with me.

I dug around the web a bit looking for cures to motion sickness but there was nothing new; I had tried them all. That is, until I found a forum post (which I'm unable to locate) that said that you can just keep pushing and eventually your body figures out it's not dying. Sounds like fun, right? So here's what happened.

At first I could only play 20 minutes until I was past feeling ill and into the heaving stage. I decided to take a break for an hour or so, then went back to playing. After an evening of nausea, break, nausea, break, I progressed to a 45 minutes session with only feeling ill and clammy hands. Not bad for one day.

The next day I played an hour before bed and only felt a little nausea. I finally broke though! Then the day after that I played an hour and a half with no issues. Well no issues with the motion sickness. Antichamber, on the other hand, gave me plenty of problems. But, like with any well-designed puzzle game, the problem is you and you know you just have to push through it.