Sunday, March 10, 2013

Orange Liqueur Attempt

After the success of my Limoncello, I decided to branch out into other citrus fruits. This time I made a batch from oranges hoping for a drink that tastes like an orange smells.

This Attempt

  • Put 97g Orange Zest
  • 500g (546ml) Kettle One Vodka
  • 7 days Rest.
  • 500g Rich Sugar Syrup


It just was not flavorful enough. I am not sure if I needed more zest or more time or both. (I plan to use ten oranges in my next batch.)

Recovery Plan

With nothing to lose, I decided to see if I could extract more flavor from the existing peel. I poured the liqueur into my Blendtec blender and added the peel. I blended it on max speed for a minute, which blended the peel beyond recognition. (Most blenders would make ground orange zest. The Blendtec made orange dust.) I then spend a half hour pouring the liquid though various mesh strainers. I could only filter it about 100ml at a time before the mesh would clog and I would have to rinse it out. I gave up after three filter sizes. You could still see some sediment but if you shook it up you could not taste it.

New Results

It was delicious. The final product tasted like a screwdriver (O.J. + Vodka). Only it is the best screwdriver you will ever have. Everyone who tried it thought it was amazing. Unfortunately, it did not taste like an orange smells, which is how my limoncello turned out. Next time I will have to try different varieties of oranges or maybe a citrus blend. Does anyone else have some experience working with oranges?