Friday, March 8, 2013

How to peel an Orange

Just over a decade ago, a co-worker of mine showed me the art of peeling an orange. Peeling oranges tends to be tricky due to the way the pith adheres the peel to the flesh. When peeling an orange, most people wind up with a pile of orange peel fragments and segments with a layer of pith left on them. With a little prep work oranges can be easy to peel. Here is how:
  1. Roll the each end of the orange around the like you are rolling a ball of dough. Be firm.
  2. Roll the orange around the equator.
  3. Feel for any spots that are still firm. Rock the orange back and forth with these spots against the table.
  4. Using the tip of a knife, cut around the center of the orange. You want to cut through the peel, but not into the flesh of the orange.
  5. Pull the peel back a little bit and use your finger to loosen the peel form the orange. Start with the stem end and twist it off for show after you loosten it.
  6. Loosten the peel on the navel half then, as you pull it off, pinch the navel with your index finger inside the orange and you thumb on the peel.
  7. Align the two peel halves and place back in fruit bowl as a joke for the next person.